The Best Antimicrobial Products to Buy in 2021

These days, everyone’s concerned with cleanliness and sanitation. 

We’re still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s understandable that we’re looking for products that can keep us safe and healthy. Antimicrobial products are one way that we can continue to wage this battle against contagious pathogens of all kinds.

And 2021 is definitely the year that antimicrobial products are set to come into their own. The beauty of these products is that by using antimicrobial coating and technology, they can prevent the growth and spread of germs. 

This is especially helpful in office and everyday settings. So let’s take a look at some of the best antimicrobial products you can find in 2021. 

1. Antimicrobial Keyboards

Most jobs these days involve at least some computer usage. But keyboards are notorious magnets for bacteria and other disease-causing germs. And keeping them clean can be a difficult prospect. 

An antimicrobial keyboard, however, lets you type away without having to worry about the buildup of nasty germs. Plus, you can get these keyboards in ergonomic variants, with plenty of hot keys for multimedia control. 

2. Antimicrobial Ballpoint Pen

Look, pens are one of those objects that you just can’t avoid touching throughout the course of a business day. 

An antimicrobial ballpoint counter pen is a great addition for many businesses—whether it’s for a reception desk, for sign-in sheets at a doctor’s office, or for a teller’s booth at a bank branch. These antimicrobial pens are just what’s needed to keep you safe and healthy. 

3. Antimicrobial File Folders

An antimicrobial file folder is another great office product that helps reduce the incidence and spread of harmful bacteria. 

As with pens, paper files are frequently handled. Antimicrobial file folders, treated with an agent that destroys 99% of germs and bacteria, are a fantastic way to cut down on disease transmission. 

4. Antimicrobial Sponges

Sponges for cleaning dishes or sinks tend to be breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty germs and bacteria. 

It’s not their fault—the nature of what they do makes it pretty much inevitable. But an antimicrobial sponge is a great replacement. They’re treated with antimicrobial agents that contain silver, a known inhibitor of bacterial growth.

They also typically have a fading pattern that lets you know when to replace them. 

5. Antimicrobial Desk Pad

Finally, we come to the antimicrobial desk pad. 

Whether you work at home or in an office, your desk is an important part of your workspace. That also means it tends to attract microbes and other nasty germs, since you and others are touching it all the time. 

An antimicrobial desk pad is the perfect way to protect your desk surface and work supplies. Its antimicrobial treatment will keep your desk germ-free and clean enough to eat off of…well, maybe not quite that clean. But you get the point. 

Make 2021 a Clean and Healthy Year With These Antimicrobial Products

So there’s our roundup of some of the best antimicrobial products available for 2021. Antimicrobial technology is becoming more prevalent, and the demand for products that incorporate it will only continue to grow. 

We hope you enjoyed this article. While you’re here, please check out some of our other great posts! 

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