10 Things to Know Before Moving With a Dog

Did you know that 89.7 million dogs are living with families in the U.S.? Dogs are members of many families and like humans, they can suffer from anxiety as well. 

Recent studies concluded that 72.5% of dogs observed displayed anxiety-related behaviors. 32% of the dogs studied were sensitive to noise.

15% of dogs were scared of strangers while 11% felt anxious about new situations. 

If you have a dog and are planning to move this can bring about anxiety for your dog. Check out this list of tips on moving with a dog to make the transition as smooth as possible for your furry friend. 

1. Keep up Your Routine 

The first part of learning how to move with a dog is understanding that you should keep up with your routine as long as possible. Dogs feel more comfortable with a set routine from day to day and you shouldn’t change that routine until the moving day comes. 

Keep walking and feeding your dog at the same time every day. If they’re used to going to the dog park every Saturday don’t change that. Following the routine you have with your dog will prevent added stress to their life. 

2. Check Pet Rules for Your New Home 

Certain neighborhoods or apartment buildings have rules about pets. Some places only allow small dogs while others might not allow any at all. 

If you’re purchasing a new home you should also think about the kind of space you want to provide for your dog. Maybe you want a place with a bigger yard for your pup to play and run around. You might want a place with your own pool because your dog loves swimming. 

Make sure that the place you’re interested in can accommodate your needs and your dog’s too. 

3. Introduce Your Dog to Their New Neighborhood 

Moving with a pet can put a lot of stress on them so easing them into new situations is vital. If your new home isn’t too far from the old one it’s a good idea to take your dog out to the new neighborhood. 

Walking them through the neighborhood from time to time will help them become familiar with their new home. When you move into your hew house your dog won’t feel stressed out because they’ll already know the area. 

4. A Visit to the Vet Is Necessary 

Make sure you schedule a visit with the vet before moving into your new home. Especially if you’ll be traveling by plane, you want to make sure your dog is up to date on their vaccines. Your vet can also give you some recommendations for calming your dog’s nerves before travel. 

You should also start looking for a new vet before your big move. Find out where the nearest pet emergency hospital is so you’re prepared if something were to happen. 

5. Plan Pet Transportation Ahead of Schedule 

If you won’t be traveling with your pet for your move you need to schedule dog transportation ahead of time. Call ahead to figure out if you want your dog transported by plane and you’ll pick them up at the airport or if you want them to arrive directly at your door. 

Knowing pet transportation costs ahead of time can help you plan better. You can even have a service take care of all the paperwork so you just have to show up with your dog on the day. 

6. Pack Little by Little 

What stresses out your furry friend the most is seeing the chaos of boxes inside your home. Moving things around and things disappearing quickly makes them confused. 

You can avoid all of this by starting your packing early. Packing your things little by little will make things easier on you and on your dog too. 

7. Update Your Dog’s Tags

Moving cross country with a dog is a long journey but you can keep things organized by keeping everything up to date. When setting up with a new vet you should make sure you update your contact information with your new address. 

Take the time to update your dog’s tags with your new address as well. If your dog is scheduled to travel without you this will ensure they’ll get to your new place safely. 

8.  Keep Your Pet’s Favorites Close by on Moving Day 

If you are traveling with your pet to your new home keep some essentials with you to help keep them comfortable during the drive. Make sure you have enough food and water. A travel water bowl and some of their favorite toys are important to have too. 

As your finishing up your packing and putting things into your car or moving truck, you can leave your dog with a friend or family member. Have them spend some time at the park so your dog can have a stress-free day. 

9. Set up Your Dog’s Things First

Before letting your dog walk into your new home or before they arrive if they didn’t travel with you, place your dog’s bed and bowls in a section of the house. If your dog sees their things in the new house they’ll know this is their place too. 

10. Give Your Dog Extra Love and Attention

After such a long journey your dog will be needing some extra attention. Take them on a walk, play fetch, and give them extra cuddles in your new home. 

The Tips You Should Know About Moving With a Dog 

Moving with a dog doesn’t have to be stressful for you or your dog if you follow the tips in this guide. Make sure you get transportation for your dog arranged ahead of time and maintain a routine as long as you can. 

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