The Consequence Of Modern Lifestyle On Health

Lifestyle is a trend used by people of different groups, and nations in specific geographical, political, economic, cultural and religious. It also includes day to day work, behaviors, and functions of the person in activities, job, home or diet. It has a significant impact on the physical and mental health of human being.  The variable lifestyle factors that influence human health are given here, read it carefully.

Diet and Body Mass Index – BMI Index:

Diet has a direct relationship with health. Good food leads to good health, and bad food leads to bad health. The common health problem with Poor diet is obesity, mood swings and few others in the urban cultures. BMI index is unit to measure an unhealthy lifestyle. Urban or modern lifestyle food leads to nutrition problems as most of the people frequently eat fast foods and poor foods. It can cause diseases like cardiovascular.


Exercise is one of the treatment to treat the general health problems including modern lifestyle. The health problem can eliminate by doing regular exercise. It also reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.


Enough sleep is one of the bases for healthy living, and it cannot be separated from life.  Due to several social, economic, psychological, and health consequences are the reason behind sleep disorders. An unhealthy lifestyle may affect sleep, and ultimately it leads to mental and physical health issues.


The study is mental exercise and exercise of the soul. Considering study as in regular lifestyle lead to good physical and mental health but exceed of it can harm it. Study slow down the process of dementia, and as a result, Alzheimer’s disease rate is lower in educated people or those who have reading habits.


Rest is another factor that is needed for a healthy lifestyle. But less or excess leisure can cause a negative effect on life. Unorganized planning and unhealthy recreation are dangerous for health.

Use of modern technologies:

Advanced technology undoubtedly helps the human to live their life with ease. But misuse of any of the gadget can convert into unpleasant consequences. For example, using of smartphone till late night can affect in sleeping pattern, and it reduces your sleep. Even it can cause depression or addiction.

Sexual behavior:

For a healthy life, normal sex relation is necessary. Disruption of sex relation nowadays is a major problem in most of the societies. And it has a notable effect on physical and mental health. Even the study said that the dysfunction of sex relation might result in various family problems like the tense atmosphere in families, divorce or sex-related diseases like AIDS, herpes, chlamydia, genital warts, etc.

Substance abuse:

Any addiction leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking, drinking, drugs, excessive caffeine intake may result in various problems like cardiovascular disease, asthma, brain injury, cancer, chronic mental disorders and many other. According to the study, in Iran, 64% of males and 43% of females use hubble-bubble, and another study stated that 30% of people smoke cigarette permanently between 18–65 years.

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