Things People Do Not Tell You About The Job Of A Manager

If you want to be really good as a manager, it is important that you take the right steps. Unfortunately, in most cases we see people that become managers simply because they were very good at their job before being promoted. This is never enough to be a great manager.

Fortunately, according to German Trujillo Manrique, all the basic information you need to be successful as a manager is available online. You can read so much and drastically improve work results. However, this is never enough. The best managers are those that keep learning. With this in mind, here are some things that you most likely do not know about your job as a manager.

Always Address Relationship Shifts

As a manager, especially in the event that this is the first time you are in such a position, you want to be liked. This is not something that is necessary. In fact, being liked is something that only happens from time to time. Being liked is not connected to being a good manager. While it is completely true that you have to be fair, you cannot force someone to like people.

As you get promoted, a big problem tends to appear when looking at managing those that were your peers before. This relationship shift needs to be immediately addressed. It becomes impossible to interact in the same way with those that you were really close to since the rest of the team might end up feeling resentment. At the same time, even if the former colleague is genuinely happy that you were promoted, resentment can still be present.

Start conversations and clearly state that you value friendships but that you are also the manager so there are things that you have to do as the manager. Just be sure that you are fair all the time.

You Have To Be A Role Model

If you tell people that they need to do overtime and you are at home drinking a martini, respect will be lost really fast. The manager is always the role model for people inside the organizations. Nobody can expect people to do the best work that they can in the event that the managers do not do the exact same thing. This includes dealing with deadlines, being true to your world, not mentioning personal opinions if they are not relevant and doing all that is possible to represent the department.

Managing Everything

As a boss, you cannot ignore the supervisor you have. Actually, it is so much more important than you might think to let the boss know what happens. You report progress for a huge number of people. You need to be sure that the goals that you present to your team are perfectly outlined with the priorities of the boss. If this is not the case, huge problems appear.

As a manager, you have to set up meetings to discuss progress, goals and all issues that might have appeared since the past meeting. Remember that the boss can just be impressed if the team you manage is doing really well and moves towards an appropriate direction.

As a manager, you go through an ongoing experience as you keep learning. It is never actually easy. You need to do research, shift focus, set expectations and so much more.

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