Why So Many Medical Professionals Use Eclinicalworks

Digital solutions like Eclinicalworks has completely revolutionized the world of business and in this case, healthcare. Computing and software advancements have allowed businesses to work differently than they ever have done before and this is why these solutions, in their many forms, have been rolled out across so many different industries and sectors. In the case of Eclinicalworks it is clear how effective this solution is given the huge number of healthcare institutions and medical professionals who count on this software for its many uses. Eclinicalworks is a great example for how digital technology is changing the world and here is why it is so popular in the medical community.


Eclinicalworks is a company which was founded in 1999, the cusp of the digital revolution, the company currently hires over 5,000 employees and they serve over 130,000 doctors and nurses and over 850,000 medical professionals. The company develops software solutions for the medical industry which includes cloud-based solutions.  The company is privately held which is why they are able to respond so well to what their customers want and throughout the years they have turned this business model into a profitable one.

The Cloud

The cloud is undoubtedly one of the most attractive features which this company offers and through the Eclinicalworks Grid Cloud, they allow medical practices to better manage their data. Patient and staffing data is incredibly sensitive and through the use of this cloud-based platform medical centers can secure such data and store it in a far easier way than ever before.


This software is about far more than simply storing data and something else which its clients adore is the ability to see clear metrics in relation to their practice. These metrics can give medical practices key information about the type of patients that they have, population health, patient engagement, revenue cycle management and much, much more.


The importance of getting information from A to B cannot be underestimated and this is something that this software solution does exceptionally well. Transferring data from practice to practice or from surgery to hospital can be done in a heartbeat using the cloud-based software. Eclinicalworks has 9 data centers across the country which is how they are able to guarantee both speed and reliability.


Because of the number of software solutions which this service provides there is a decrease in need of manual data entry. The result of this is not only a more efficient practice whereby the staff can have time on their hands for more pressing or important tasks, it also removes the risk of human error, instead letting the software do its job. Accuracy is key when it comes to patient care and the removal of manual data entry is something which benefits all of the clients who use Eclincalworks.

This is a company going from strength to strength and if your medical practice needs to be streamlined, this is the software solution that you need.

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