What Is a Licensed Healthcare Professional? Complete Definition

Did you know that there are over 22 million workers employed in the healthcare industry in this country? It is one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors. And now more than ever, the people who provide medical assistance are extremely important. 

When it comes to healthcare, there are various types of professionals. Do you know what it means to be a licensed healthcare professional? Check out this guide here for more information. 

What Is a Healthcare Professional?

First things first: what is a healthcare professional? It is a person who’s qualified by education, training, and licenses or regulations. They perform professional services that are within their training in the healthcare industry. 

Role and Principles of Practitioners

Health care professionals are responsible for the health and wellness of their patients. Their goal should be the prevention and treatment of human illnesses. They should give advice and care for their patients through evidence-based medicine.

Examples of Healthcare Professionals

Some examples of healthcare professionals are a nurse practitioner, a physician, a physical therapist, a certified nurse specialist, a surgeon, and a certified nurse-midwife. People in these professions must be licensed and also in some cases certified. There are many different types of health care providers, so check for areas of specialization. 

Licenses vs. Certifications

Do you know the difference between the certification and licensing of healthcare professionals? Certification standards are issued by a non-government agency and can vary from state to state. Whereas licenses are government-issued and are more standard. 

State Laws

Healthcare professionals are authorized to practice by the state that they live in. They can only practice as defined by State Law within the scope of their profession. For example, a nurse can’t practice as a surgeon, and a physical therapist can’t practice as a midwife. 

Licensing Legalities 

It is illegal to practice without a valid healthcare professional license number. Healthcare professional licensing is enforced by the government, and anyone guilty of practicing without a license can be imprisoned. Depending on state laws, if that practice results in bodily injury to a patient, then the practitioner might have even longer imprisonment.  

Professional Hazards

Because of recent events, medical professionals are at risk of burnout. This is an important point to be considered by patients and professionals alike. 

Find a Licensed Healthcare Professional

If you are looking for a practitioner, there are databases online that can help you locate one. Check out sites like this one at https://www.medproid.com/public/whymedpro/ourdatabases. They can help you find a certified and licensed healthcare professional in your area. 

Ready To Learn More?

Now that you know what a licensed healthcare professional is, you can continue to learn more. Many healthcare professionals have particular areas of specialization, so do your research first. That way you can find the best match for your needs. 

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