6 Winter Boat Storage Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It seems the pandemic did little to dampen the spirits of American boaties. In fact, it accelerated boat ownership! Over 300 thousand new speedboats were sold in America in 2020—a number not seen since before the 2008 recession.

If you’re a new boat owner, you might wonder how to care for your pleasure craft when the cold season is approaching. Read on to learn about the winter boat storage mistakes you don’t want to make so you can protect your precious vessel correctly.

1. You Slacked on the Maintenance

Before you store your boat, you need to ensure its maintenance record is up to date.

Ideally, you should have conducted maintenance all year round. But if you haven’t, the time to do it is before you put it into storage and not after you take it out of your boat storage service.

Giving it a good clean inside and out and an oil check and change is the minimum.

2. You Left the Climate Control On

If you live in an area that gets icy winters, you might think it’s a smart move to leave the climate control on in your boat. In fact, there couldn’t be a worse idea when it comes to winter storage for boats.

Not only will it wear out your engine, run down your batteries, but it’s also a serious potential fire hazard. Instead, look for a storage company like Ideal Storage with covered, secure storage options designed with boats in mind.

3. Your Cover Isn’t the Right Size

If you’re choosing to use a cover instead of a boat storage unit, be sure to measure your boat carefully. Buying an ill-fitting cover will leave some parts of your boat exposed to the elements. And this could mean you’ll need to spend money on costly repairs come spring.

4. You Didn’t Remove Your Boating Equipment

Don’t just leave all your gear inside your boat, thinking your winter storage cover will protect it. Things like fish finders, life jackets, and rods and reels could deteriorate in damp conditions and low temperatures. They could even get stolen!

5. You Waited Too Long

Proper boat maintenance includes knowing when in the year to get your boat out of the water and into storage. If you wait too long, the snow, rain, wind, and ice of winter may cause irreversible or costly damage to the body of your vessel.

6. You Picked the Closest Storage Service

When you’re hauling something big like a boat, it’s tempting to just drop it off at the storage unit closest to you. However, this unit may not offer the best service your money can buy. Ask friends and family for recommendations on the best storage services in your area, and don’t be afraid to travel a little further afield.

Stop Making Winter Boat Storage Mistakes

Have you decided to store your boat outside undercover? Or are you paying for a storage unit? Either way, you still need to ensure you check on it regularly and keep up with maintenance to avoid making winter boat storage mistakes. That way, your craft will be ready to go when the warmer months roll back around.

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