What to Hang On Walls in Every Kind of Home

Let’s admit to the fact that no one truly enjoys the look of a blank wall. 

Even though a room’s bare walls might give aesthetic harmony, they’re typically overlooked chances for decorating. You may use them to convey your life’s story and show your visitors who you are by using them as a canvas.

Blank walls may be as daunting for the reasons stated above also the minor issue of not knowing what to hang on the walls. If you’ve been putting off decorating your bare walls because you don’t know what to do with them, here is your time to obtain some ideas and complete this long-delayed chore.

Read on for our host of ideas for wall decor and how you can integrate home wall art to achieve a stunning effect.

What to Hang On the Walls 101: Go For Large-Scale Artwork

In a tiny room, large artwork or images will draw attention and establish the mood. If you’re going for a minimalist look, try hanging a black-and-white picture or a colorful abstract painting.

Also, you can make an art gallery out of a wall of pictures. A gallery wall is a great way to bring character and color to a room. Add artwork, photographs, wall hangings, and other memorabilia to the space.

Choose from a range of decorative versions to provide variety, or keep it basic with a single set of frames. To give the sense of a bigger room, extend the gallery wall to the ceiling.

Of course, this is the perfect time to tap into photography for the home. If you know nothing about photography, you can find more information here.

Integrate an Accent Wall

Consider adorning the walls in addition to showcasing artifacts. You may use colorful wallpaper, stenciling, and other artistic paint methods to create an eye-catching accent wall. 

While you’re at it, don’t forget to alter your ceiling! In a tiny area, the effect of these ornamental touches may be amplified even more. Another great tip is using color theory to your advantage. 

For example, if you’re aiming for a calm atmosphere, you can use blue-heavy pieces. 

Showcase a Tapestry or Cloth

Color, pattern, and softness are enhanced by adding a tapestry or wall hanging to a plain room. Vintage scarves and other lovely fabrics make excellent wall hangings.

Those moving to a new location are far simpler to transport than framed artworks.

Hang Mirrors on the Wall or Create a Mural

Mirrors reflect light, making a tiny place seem more prominent and welcoming. Hang a large mirror or group several smaller ones in a salon-style arrangement.

Next, add a mural on your walls to take you to a new location. Hand-painting it or using a wall covering, the pattern will have an enormous effect.

Install a Shelving Unit and Hooks

Consider mounting them on the wall if your bookshelves take up too much room on the floor: display hardcover books, miniature sculptures, and other miscellaneous items on freestanding shelves.

One of the best ways to decorate your home is to decorate it with your favorite design objects. Display your favorite plates and platters with wire plate hangers. In addition, when you can display your exquisite china, why not?

Display Sculptural Wall Sconces or Greenery

Sconces provide an additional light source without taking up floor or table space. Make a statement with an eye-catching design that serves as a wall sculpture.

A high-quality artificial plant is an option if you’re not a massive fan of water (and no one will probably ever be the wiser). Besides, you don’t have to keep your plants on a windowsill. Consider using hanging or wall-mounted planters to bring nature into your home.

Add Texture With Macramé Wall Art or Beaded Art

Macramé wall hangings, popular in the 1970s, are making a comeback. Texture and warmth are added to the walls with the use of weavings.

Etsy is a great place to get them, or you may make your own.

Next, you’ll want to explore the Maasai beading tradition used to create this kind of wall hangings. We’re big fans of the simple black-and-white scheme. 

Hang a Large Calendar on the Wall

An office or kitchen wall is the ideal location for a giant calendar.

Use it to keep track of your activities and add a little something extra to your area. Modernize your calendar by using bold and vivid colors and sans serif fonts.

Create a Personalized Map

Your space will look great with a giant word map hanging on the wall. Almost any color scheme is available for ordering a customized map of a city, state, nation, or the whole planet.

Adding pins to locations you’ve been or want to go to allows you to make it uniquely your own.

Mount Your TV to Your Wall

It would be best if you mounted your television on a wall. Add a flat screen to your wall to free up space on top of your media cabinet, improve the aesthetic of your wall, and change the overall design of the area.

And other TVs like “The Frame” are meant to seem like art even when they’re not on. You may use Samsung’s Ambient Mode or similar protocols to display photos of your choice on your screen.

Shiplap Wall Paneling Accent Your Room’s Decor

Any room may benefit from shiplap paneling, adding a fresh seaside vibe.

Wooden planks, which are generally used for outside cladding, may be utilized to freshen up the walls of your dining room, bedroom, foyer, or even bathroom.

Unlocking Apartment Decor: The Wall Edition

Sometimes, we neglect to actively add color and texture to our lives through the wide world of home decor and home wall art. We hope that our guide has given your creativity a boost, with our different ideas on what to hang on the walls. 

But, if you’re thirsty for more tips and tricks, no worries. You can check out our decor and home sections for all the inspirations posts you could need. 

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