A Thorough Rundown of the Indonesian Economy in 2022

Indonesia has the largest economy in Southeast Asia with a GDP of over 3 trillion dollars. The Indonesian economy, like all economies worldwide, has undergone significant changes in the past few years.

Indonesian industries have shifted and the Indonesian stock market has fallen into step. If you want to learn more about how to invest in this significant Southeast Asian economic powerhouse, you need information.

Check out this thorough rundown of the current state of the Indonesian economy in 2022. Read on to learn how to invest your money in the Indonesian economy. That way, you can stay ahead of global markets as an investor.

Biggest Areas of the Indonesian Economy

According to the World Factbook’s most recent estimates, Indonesia’s economy is 13.7% agricultural, 41% industrial, and 45.4% service-based. Let’s dive into what each of these sectors of the economy consists of.

Indonesian Agriculture

One of Indonesia’s primary agricultural exports is palm oil fruit. Indonesia also grows rice, sugarcane, maize, coconuts, and bananas. It exports many of these products as well as poultry and eggs.

Indonesia also has abundant rubber resources. Rubber, like many of Indonesia’s valuable natural resources, is harvested on plantations controlled by either the state or private enterprises.

The Indonesian Industrial Sector

Indonesia has a very large rubber industry. Its apparel industry includes things made from rubber, such as footwear. In addition, Indonesia has expansive petroleum and natural gas industries.

Other major Indonesian industries include:

  • automotive
  • textiles
  • cement, rock, and mining
  • forestry products
  • appliances
  • fertilizers
  • electronics

These are a few of the major areas of the Indonesian industrial economy. Indonesia’s major export partners are China, The United States, Japan, India, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The Indonesian Service Industry

Indonesia has a service industry economy centered around tourism. It also has a large tech-related service industry. These, in addition to all other service jobs, employ close to half of the population.

Bali is slowly starting to turn its wheels on reopening. The Indonesian tourism industry here was hit hard recently by the Pandemic. Have reserved positive expectations for bright things in 2022 with tourism starting back up. 

The Indonesian Stock Market

The Indonesian stock market is a thriving marketplace and one of the largest in Southeast Asia. Currently, the Indonesian stock market is worth over 130 billion dollars. Like all stock markets, it is subject to frequent fluctuations.

Buying stocks in the Indonesian markets can be a lucrative endeavor if you know how to do it. You can find ways to trade Indonesian stocks from a different country if you are a non-resident. Do some research to check it out.

The Indonesian Economy Is Primed for Success

Despite all of the adversity of the past few years, the Indonesian economy is primed to be the most productive one in the nation’s history. Investing in Indonesian markets now could earn you vast fortunes in the future.

Use the information in this guide to find your best possible way of investing in the Indonesian economy. For other important world and business info, make sure to check back with our website a few times a week.

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