What You Should Know About CBD Hemp Oil For Cats

CBD hemp oil is gaining more and more attention among weed smokers, and for good reasons. Not only does CBD oil lack certain psychoactive properties, it has the potential to treat a variety of medical conditions in humans. But why stop at using CBD oils just for people? There are tons of benefits associated with CBD oil and animals, especially CBD hemp oil for cats.

Whether you just have one kitty or you have officially deemed yourself a “cat lady”, keeping your pet healthy is essential. Our furry friend is part of the family, and most pet owners will do whatever it takes to prolong the life of their pet. If you’re thinking about jumping on the CBD oil bandwagon, here are a few things you should know beforehand.

How does it work?

Just like in humans, cats have bodily systems that regulate their immune system, moods, sleep cycles, and pain management. There are cannabinoid receptors found all throughout the body, and the cannabinoids in CBD oil attaches to these receptors. Many people do not realize that CBD oil can have just as beneficial of an impact on animals as on humans.

How can it help your cat?

Similar to humans using CBD, cats can benefits from it in tons of ways. One of the most common uses for cats is to alleviate aggressive tendencies. It is also used for loss of appetite, anxiety, inflammation, and infections. Older cats can have help treating arthritis, pancreatitis, and even asthma.

CBD oil does not just treat symptoms of common feline diseases, it can also get down to the root causes. Many medications on the market are only capable of alleviating symptoms of pain and discomfort, but cannabis actually has the power to treat the underlying cause.

How can you ensure proper dosing?

The main thing to realize when dosing CBD oil for cats is that these creatures are much smaller than humans, and even most dogs. Always read the labeling and recommendations depending on the weight of the animal. Although there aren’t many negative effects, it is always better to err on the conservative side when administering CBD oil to your pet.

In general, veterinarians agree that between 0.1 and 0.5 mg CBD oil is enough for most cats. It also depends greatly on the severity of the condition you are attempting to treat. Start off small to see how your cat reacts to the medication before administering larger doses.

Are there any negative side effects?

Just like with any medication, there can be some negative side effects when overdosing. But as long as you give the appropriate dose nothing should go wrong when using CBD oil. The major benefit of CBD oil is that it has no negative long term side effects like many other animal medications.

Many pet owners have agreed that CBD has made a huge difference in the quality of their pet’s life. Using CBD hemp oil might be the only viable option for treating your cat’s condition, so why not give it a try?

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