3 Questions to Ask Your Tax Advisor

Are you preparing for tax season and are looking for a tax advisor or are wondering what questions you should prepare for your current one? Taxes can be overwhelming, but to make sure you’re getting the tax help you need, there are some key questions you will want to ask your tax advisor in order to make sure you understand the process. 

To get the best results with your tax preparation, keep reading. In this guide, we will outline some key questions you can ask your tax advisor this season to make sure your finances are in the best hands. 

1. What Can I Expect From the Tax Preparation Process? 

If you’re new to filing your taxes or are working with a new tax advisor, it may be a good question to ask them what their tax prep process looks like. This can help you learn what you can expect along the way while getting you and your advisor on the same page when it comes to the details of your taxes.

This will allow you to get an idea of whether or not this professional will meet your expectations as well as what they will need from you during the process. Additionally, you want to find a professional that will work to meet your preferences while also being able to work around your schedule. 

2. How Can You Help Me Meet My Tax Goals?

While you obviously want to make sure your taxes are done properly for legal purposes, there are likely some additional goals that you would like to achieve by working with an accounting professional. For example, you may want to figure out if you should take a standard deduction or if you want to itemize your deductions. Sharing any kind of tax goals or worries with your advisor can show them where you may need some guidance while filing your taxes. 

Knowing more about how this process works while also getting professional advice from a tax expert can help you get the best results when filing your taxes. This can help you meet your tax goals while also resolving any concerns you may be having about the process. 

3. What Will You Need From Me? 

In order to know how you can prepare for working with a tax advisor to file your taxes, you might consider asking the professional what kind of information they may need from you. You want to be able to give your advisor a clear view of your finances, and they may need certain documentation in order to do so. Ask your tax advisor if they need documents such as a list of your expenses, income statements, or information about you and any of your dependants in order to accurately file your taxes. 

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Questions to Ask Your Tax Advisor 

For the best results this tax season, keep these questions for your tax advisor in mind. 

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