5 FAQs About Completing Your Eyelash Extension Training Online or In Person

Any professional beautician is aware that investing in eyelash extension training online or in house is one of the best ways to build a career in cosmetology. There are tons of eyelash extension trainings to choose from, both online and in-person. Before deciding on the right training for you it is common to have a few questions.

Keep reading to learn the answers to these frequently asked questions regarding an eyelash extension training near you. Reading up on these questions could be the determining factor on helping you decide which training center is right for you.

Is training for eyelash extension actually necessary?

You  might be wondering to yourself “how hard can eyelash extension actually be?” Well here is your answer: the training for eyelash extension is vital and getting the proper certifications is of the utmost importance.

Permanent eyelash extension is completely different from adhesive extension so don’t assume that you have the proper knowledge just because you are well-versed in adhesive eyelashes. These two things are completely different entities. The application process is completely different and the adhesives used are not the same. So yes, proper training is critical.

What is the sign-up process for most eyelash trainings?

In order to sign up for a training you must register for the workshop which usually just takes a few minutes. Once you have decided on a facility to use you can register by visiting their website and filling out the registration form. They will have a schedule posted to their website so that you can choose between the listed training dates.

Most training centers require you to pay for the course ahead of time. This ensures that you will actually show up for the training and you are motivated to receive your certification. Some training centers only require a deposit to secure your spot; you’ll be required to pay the remaining balance on the start date of the training.

What is the difference between a basic certification and an advanced comprehension course?

There are several certification levels to choose from in the field of eyelash extensions. A basic certification course usually takes one day and it provides you with very basic information and practical application for eyelash extensions. There is also the option for a 2-day basic certification which will go a bit more in-depth and give you another full day of practice.

The Advanced Comprehension Course can be completed after the basic certification has been received or you can sign up for a training that includes both of them. It is a 2-day workshop that is designed to heighten your knowledge and skill level. This course is necessary if you want to incorporate eyelash extensions into your regular practice.

What is provided by the training (should you bring your own eyelash extension kits)?

This depends on the training facility you choose. The top-rated ones provide you with everything necessary to complete the training, including literature and extension kits. There are some trainings that require you to bring your own supplies so always check about this beforehand and factor that into the overall price.

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