Everything You Need to Pack for the Perfect Lake Day

Think of a state with lakes, and you probably think of Minnesota. Yet Alaska has three million unnamed natural lakes within its boundaries. You can find hundreds of thousands of other lakes sprinkled across the United States as well. 

If you want a great vacation in a beautiful location, you should consider a lake day. But don’t head off to the lake just yet. 

What are some lake day essentials? What clothes and toys should you bring? What foods are good for the beach, and what should you bring to stay safe? 

Answer these questions and you can have a great day on the lake in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Spare Clothes

Even if you are not going into the water, you should bring a spare set of clothes. You may fall in the sand and get it all over your clothing. You may step in mud and ruin your pants. 

You should bring a spare shirt and a pair of pants. You may want to bring an additional pair of shoes or sandals so you can walk on the terrain without falling. 

Look at the weather forecast before your day on the lake. If a wind blows across the lake, it can become very cold. You may want to bring a long-sleeved shirt or a windbreaker.

Lake Toys

If your lake trip includes children, you need to bring lake toys. You don’t have to get elaborate. A few shovels and buckets for making sandcastles are all you need. 

If your kids want to go into the water, you can give them floaties. Make sure they wrap around their arms and legs without constricting them.

Water trampolines float on the water while functioning like land trampolines. Many children like them because they can jump into the water and perform moves. You should do your research on the best water trampoline before buying one because they can be expensive.

Food and Water

Food on a lake vacation can be tricky. You may not be able to cook food on the beach.

You should prepare food at home and then pack it in a cooler. Sandwiches and cut vegetables are decent choices. 

You must bring water. It is easy to become dehydrated on a beach. Bring more water than you need, though you can bring other drinks as well.

Emergency Supplies

A lake trip is usually a safe vacation. But you may cut your foot on a rock or sustain a bruise. 

It is a good idea to bring bandages, a disinfectant, and an ice pack. You can store them inside your bag. If you take medication, you should bring it to the beach and take it according to your schedule.

The Essential Supplies for a Lake Day

You don’t have to pack a lot for a lake day. A spare set of clothes can keep you comfortable, especially if the beach is muddy. 

Lake toys are good for children. Basic toys include shovels and buckets. But you can buy floaties and trampolines at low prices. 

Simple food like sandwiches is best for the beach. You must bring water in order to avoid dehydration. In case you get an injury, you should have bandages and ice packs on standby. 

A lake day is one vacation you can take. Read more vacation guides by following our coverage. 

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