The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Camper Rental

Whether planning a trip with kids in tow or just trying RVing out for size, deciding on the right camper rental is vital. You’ll find everything from vintage Airstreams to class B conversions.

Luckily, there are many RV rental options, from nationwide rentals like Cruise America to peer-to-peer sites that connect you with nearby private owners.


If you’re new to RVing, renting is a great way to get your feet wet before making a significant investment. Whether you’re a family with kids looking to hit the local campground or a group of friends planning a cross-country road trip, a camper rental is right for you.

Once you’ve settled on a date, location, and headcount for your trip, the next step is to determine what type of RV you need. Campers, motorhomes, popups, and travel trailers come in various sizes and amenities that can make or break your camping experience.

For example, some owners offer instant booking with a camper rental in Iceland, which allows you to pick your dates, enter your information, and pay for the camper directly through the site. However, other RVs require you to Request a Rental and message the owner directly about your trip.

Then, you can ensure the RV is available for your dates and line up the necessary paperwork. Some owners may even provide essentials like cooking supplies, bedding, towels, and toiletries. This makes your vacation that much more streamlined and stress-free!


Whether you are renting a popup, hybrid trailer, or motorhome, there are a lot of little amenities and features that can make your experience even better. These things go a long way in generating stellar reviews and repeat customers. Adding these simple amenities will show that you are going above and beyond for your guests.

Some popular additions include folding camp chairs, lawn games like hillbilly golf or croquet, fire starter kits, s’more kits, and paper guides to favorite area attractions. Some owners will stock their rigs with basic toiletries (think travel-size shampoo, soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, etc.) and towels.

Other extra amenities include personal touches, like a welcome kit with different cleaning products and treats like candy or popcorn, fresh linens, and an outdoor grill rental. Some owners will even include a small cooler to store perishables, drinks, and food for the trip.

Some campers allow Instant Booking, where you can pick your dates, select the RV, and enter your information online. However, others will require you to message the owner directly to ensure availability and line up your reservation. This allows you to see the camper in person, ask questions, and ensure that the RV is a good fit for your vacation before making the final commitment.


Finding a camper rental with the proper safety features is essential to ensure you and your family are safe. Checking for airbags and ABS brakes is a good place to start. Some RVs may have additional features, such as a fire suppression system, which is especially important if you travel with children.

Truck camper rentals are also available for those who want to avoid investing in a full-sized RV. These are perfect for those who want to experience the “roughing it” lifestyle without pitching a tent. In addition to being safer, they are also easier to maneuver than traditional RVs.

Whether renting from a traditional RV rental company or via a peer-to-peer marketplace like RVshare, it’s crucial to do a head count of your travel party before making your reservation. This will help you determine what type of RV you need. In addition, make sure to plan your route carefully so you don’t exceed any daily mileage limits set by the owner. This will prevent excessive engine deterioration and unnecessary fuel costs.

Finally, be sure to practice driving the RV before your trip. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with how the vehicle handles and help you practice parking and maneuvering in tight spaces. This will help you feel more confident about your RV adventure!


When you rent a camper, you can get all the benefits of camping without paying high campground fees or the price tag of owning an RV. Plus, you can access roads that standard RVs cannot easily travel on due to their size and clearance restrictions.

Regarding cost, RV rental prices will vary depending on the size and year of the camper you select. Newer RVs and RVs with extra amenities will be more expensive than older models. You’ll also want to consider additional costs like propane, mileage charges, and taxes.

One of the best ways to save money on a camper rental is to avoid peak travel seasons. This will help you avoid crowds and reduce the cost of campsites. You can also find free camps at national forests, public lands controlled by the Bureau of Land Management, and businesses like Walmart and Flying J travel centers that offer overnight parking in their lots.

When searching for a camper, read reviews and compare the trailer’s and the owner’s ratings. Then, choose the option that is right for your family. When you’re ready to book, many owners offer an Instant Booking, which makes it easy to pick your dates and finalize the reservation. Other RVs will require you to Request A Rental, allowing you to communicate with the owner directly to ensure they can accommodate your trip dates.

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