Interesting Facts To Know About Colombia’s Traditional Food

Colombia is a highly privileged South American location. A part of the country is dominated by the Pacific Ocean and the other part is in the lovely Caribbean. One part of the country features mountains and the other part features valleys. It is possible to grow so many vegetables, foods and the availability of seafood is higher than what you might expect.

German Trujillo Manrique showcases that all through its history, Columbia was influenced by cuisines from Brazil and Peru. However, Colombia is also influenced by Arabic and Japanese cuisines. We should also factor in the Amerindians since they did influence how Columbians cook, not to mention Spanish traditions.

Columbian cuisine is interesting because it uses various fishes, vegetables, exotic fruits and meats. Food is practically always tasty, offering natural flavors and many will be happy to know that it is not too spicy. In addition, Columbians love soups. They are practically considered to be a must in lunches and dinners. However, the really important thing is that Columbians love food that is cooked with the use of fresh fruits and fresh ingredients.

Columbians usually eat three times per day. Breakfast is common before work and lunch is the most important meal of the day. Lunch normally includes 3 courses: soup, the main dish and dessert. Most dinners are really light and eaten before 9:30 PM.

Based on the region that you travel to, foods tend to change. Columbians have specific dressings, food preferences and drinks based on where they are, in the valley, on the coast and in the jungle. Foodies simply love this so they can easily enjoy something different no matter where they go to.

While differences are numerous, there are things that are in common when looking at Columbia’s food scene. Everyone takes it seriously and recipes used are always quite complex. Various specific techniques are used, many being centuries old. Most of the dishes seem to come from the exact same country even if they are really different, all through this nationalism and focus on culture. Typical meals are always filled with history and tradition. This is definitely not going to change.

It is really hard to pick the best Columbian traditional dishes. However, some that are really popular and normally recommended by tourists include: fritanga, sancocho and arepa. At the same time, you can be sure that you will see many dishes that include fish corn, chicken, beef, rice, legumes, potatoes and onion tomatoes.

As you can see, Columbia’s food scene has a lot to offer, mainly because of the heritage that is respected by Columbians. Combine this with the fact that you get to taste the very best coffee in the world and it is quite clear while foodies simply adore the country. It is really important that you think about the various different options that are available when you plan your trip. If you really love food, focus on different regions so that you can experience many different dishes that will make you remember everything.

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