You’re a Winner, Baby! 5 Lottery Strategies That Work

While it may seem like the lottery is a matter of strict chance, there are ways that you can reliably improve your odds. It’s never a sure bet when it comes to gambling, but we’re going to try and throw some ideas your way that might improve your luck. 

Explore the following ideas, mix and match different elements of them, and see if you can’t wind up winning a little bit of money. So, let’s take a look at lottery strategies that work. 

1. Look to Past Numbers

Whatever lottery you’re entering, you can look into the archives and see what the winning numbers have been in the past. You might be able to pull out patterns or identify numbers that occur more often than others. 

Having a read on the trends and noticing which numbers are overdue can inch your odds forward a little bit. Doing that research is a little easier if there are fewer numbers involved in the draw. 

This lottery offers fewer numbers and might give you a better chance of finding patterns. 

2. Split Your Odds and Evens

Statistically speaking, it’s not likely that all of the numbers in the draw will be odd or even. It’s more often that there will be a blend of both. 

You can incorporate the overdue odds and overdue evens into a blended pattern. This is a good way of working the odds into your pick. 

3. Purchase Numerous Tickets

This is kind of an obvious one, but it absolutely improves your odds. 

If you purchase a few tickets every week, you’ll multiply your initial odds by however many tickets you end up buying. This option is clearly more expensive, but those expenses will be more than offset un the chance that you win. 

4. Stick to The Same Set 

Another way to work your odds is to choose the same set of numbers each week. 

If you think about it, the odds that you’ll select the right combination off the top of your head on the first try are tiny. If you give that set of numbers hundreds of more tries, though, the odds are higher that you’ll wind up with a match. 

Choose some numbers that are significant to you and stick to them. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get anything right away. Give it time!

5. Buy Every Combination

The only known way to guarantee a win is to purchase every single combination of numbers in the lottery. 

If you have one hundred million dollars or so to drop on each lottery ticket, you can be sure that at least one will have the perfect combination. It could be a good investment if the value of the jackpot outweighs the total number of combinations possible in the draw. 

Need More Lottery Strategies That Work?

Again, there’s only one surefire way to hit the jackpot every time. The other lottery strategies that work will still involve a lot of chance, but it’s never a bad idea to improve your odds where you can. 

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