Lucky Charms: 5 Flowers That Mean Good Luck

Did you know that more than a quarter of Americans think of themselves as superstitious? Even if you don’t consider yourself superstitious, you probably still think twice about walking under a ladder. You probably also pay extra attention to bad things that happen on Friday the 13th.

Practicing traditions for good luck and avoiding misfortune is a great way to give your life a little boost. When it comes to good luck, nothing is better than flowers. Flowers have been used since the ancient Egyptians to promote luck and dispel evil spirits!

Flowers that mean good luck also make for beautiful additions to your home. If you or a loved one have a big job interview coming up or could just use an extra dose of good fortune, read on. In this article, we’ll go over the luckiest flowers to have around your home! 

1. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is very fittingly named. This charming little plant has been used for centuries to promote good luck, lasting health, and wealth.

Lucky bamboo is a set of several bamboo stalks. From the stalks, leafy shoots grow to create a subtle but beautiful plant. 

The number of stalks in your plant can help target the luck too.

Three stalks can provide you with happiness and long life. Six stalks boost your overall luck and wealth. Seven can give you good health, and nine and ten offer luck and perfection. 

2. Hydrangea 

Hydrangeas are big, beautiful, purple blooms. Since the Victorians, these blooms have symbolized good luck and happiness.

They can also represent gratitude and enlightenment. They can also represent the balance of chi energy in your home. This means they can dispel negative energy and usher in positive energy and good luck. 

3. Marigolds

These cheerful yellow flowers are said to have a protective quality to them. Many cultures have used marigolds to ward off evil spirits and curses.

In addition, their golden colors are said to represent wealth and can bring you good fortune financially. 

4. Orchid

Orchids are exotic and beautiful flowers that can really enhance your home. They’re also steeped in symbolism. Orchids symbolize wealth, luxury, and good luck.

In fact, the orchid was Confucius’ favorite flower! He said the plant has a noble character.

Specifically, the orchid can symbolize career success and bring good luck in the professional world. They make a great gift for someone getting ready for an interview or a career change, so consider getting a flower delivery here

5. Lillies 

Lillies are simple, classic flowers that can tie together a bouquet. They can also stand alone in a vase for a subtle arrangement. 

In ancient China, these flowers were known to bring calming energy to the home. For that reason, they were usually kept in the meditation area. 

Lillies also bring hope and good luck and can uplift your mood.

Bring These Flowers That Mean Good Luck Into Your Home

Flowers are not just beautiful decorations, they can have a very real impact on the energy and mood in your home. Even if you don’t believe in superstitions, there’s no denying that an artful bouquet can tie a room together and give it a pleasant smell.

And if they happen to give you a bit of luck too, so much the better! 

If you enjoyed learning about flowers that mean good luck, we have lots of lifestyle advice like this on our blog. Check it out for more! 

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