Private Jets: How to Charter a Plane Without Breaking the Bank

Businesses are going sky-high. Business jet flight hours rose 16% during October 2021. October 2021 was the strongest month for business jet activity in more than a decade. 

Flying on a private or business jet lets Americans travel in luxury. Yet figuring out how to charter a plane can be a little difficult. 

How can you find the right charter service? How can you keep the price down? Which airplane should you pick? 

Answer these questions and you can soar through the air on the best charter jet. Here is your quick guide.

Pick a Charter Service

Many companies offer private jet flights. You should spend time considering your options for different services. Visit the websites of companies you are interested in like and evaluate what they offer.

You can read reviews for charter jet companies on sites like Yelp. But someone who flies on a private plane can offer precise details about different companies. You can also ask them to put in a good word for you at a company, which may make your chartered flight cheaper. 

Negotiate the Price

Flying on a charter jet is always expensive. You will not find a seat on a private jet below $1,000. 

Yet you don’t have to pay an excessive amount. You should talk to a company before you book your tickets. You can find discounts by forgoing things like meal service.

You may be able to split the expense of a plane with other passengers. You can also ask your company to reimburse you if you are flying for business.

If you are a frequent flier, you should consider purchasing a charter membership. This will let you take flights for monthly fees. 

Select a Route

Most private jets offer services between private airports. These airports may not be located near city centers. But you do not have to go through extensive security lines and massive crowds. 

Do not just pick cities. Try to pick airports that will be convenient to you. Figure out if you need to arrange additional services like a limo to pick you up.

Find an Airplane

Some charter companies will let you pick a particular airplane to fly on. They may have several options. 

A smaller plane will give you less legroom, but you will save money. A larger plane is good for reaching faraway destinations, including ones on other continents. 

Make sure your plane has essential amenities. You should have Wi-Fi, access to your pets, and a desk to work at.

Figure Out How to Charter a Plane

Learning how to charter a plane requires learning a few things. You should spend time looking at your various options for charter services. 

You should then figure out how to limit your expenses. You may be able to make a deal by skipping services like meals. 

It is up to you to decide where and when you want to fly. You should also pick a plane you want to charter. But you can find several planes that have important amenities. 

Chartering a plane is one way you can fly. Read more air travel guides by following our coverage.

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