What Are the Different Types of Deli Meat That Exists Today?

If you’re one of the 85 percent of workers who bring a lunch to the office more than they buy one, then you have probably included different types of deli meat in your lunch. From turkey to ham, you have several choices for creating a quick and convenient meal option.

But deli meats have more use than just being a quick meal option – they can be delicious snacks, included in great cuisine, and be added to family dinners.

Read more to learn about the different types of deli meats and see how you can include more in your cooking.


Chorizo is a popular type of deli meat that is a cured Spanish sausage. It’s made from pork, garlic, black pepper, and smoked paprika. All of these spices combined give it the red color. If you like a strong flavor, chorizo is a great choice for you.

Chorizo has a firm texture, which makes it better to eat cooked. But you can also eat it raw if you prefer.

The meat can be enjoyed in a number of ways. You can slice and chop it to enjoy with cold cheese and crackers platters, or you can fry it to enjoy in a tapa or jambalaya. You can also add it to omelets, soups, or casseroles.


If you love bacon, you’ll love pancetta. Pancetta’s the Italian version of bacon and comes from pork belly. It’s dry cured using salt, nutmeg, and pepper before it ages for three months.

Pancetta can be chopped coarsely to be added to pasta sauces, casseroles, and soups. Think of it as a substitute for bacon in whatever recipe you’d like – it will definitely add an upgrade to the flavor.


Ham is cured pork leg. Today, it’s mostly wet cured, which means that it has a solution of salt and sugar on it before it’s cooked. Wet curing makes the ham moister and less salty, but it gives it shorter shelf life.

Ham off the bone can be found at the deli counter, but can only be stored in your fridge for up to 2 days.


If you like pizza, you probably have enjoyed a yummy pepperoni pizza. This deli meat is one of the most popular pizza toppings, but it’s also found in pasta and frittatas.

Pepperoni is a spic and cured sausage that’s made from pork or beef. Sometimes it’s even a mix of the two eats. It often has pepper and spice added to it before it becomes packaged deli meat for sale.

Chicken Roll

Chicken is one of the most popular deli meat options. 28 percent of all retail food sales in deli departments have are made up of prepared chicken products.

Chicken rolls are a type of deli meat that is the more budget-friendly option. Chicken rolls are made from chicken meat and seasonings that are pressed into the roll shape and then are baked.

You can find sliced chicken rolls at your local deli counter.

Chicken Breast Supreme

Chicken breast supreme is another popular option for deli meats, as it’s in the chicken category. It’s a bit more expensive than chicken rolls but quite delicious.

It’s made from whole chicken fillets that have been presser’s and steamed. Chicken breast supreme is great for sandwiches and wraps.


Here’s something interesting to learn about deli meat: mortadella is the largest of all sausages. It’s a type of mixed salami made of minced pork and pork fat. Sometimes, you’ll even find peppercorns, olives, and pistachios in mortadella.

It’s usually cut into paper-thin slices to be enjoyed on an antipasto platter or for fine dining. It’s also tasty on a slice of bread. You can get it sliced or shaved plan for the deli counter.


Salami is also another delicious favorite for sandwiches and pizzas. Salami is a type of cured sausage that’s made from pork, beef, or veal. The meat gets extra flavor from the addition of garlic and other spices.

The raw sausage goes through a process to become salami: salting, drying, smoking, and fermentation. Salami is especially popular all over Europe.


Prosciutto will give you a similar flavor to panchetta, but it contains less fat because it comes from the pork leg. After it’s salted, the ham ages in a cool setting for nine to 18 months. Sometimes it ages for as long as three years.

In Italy, you can find prosciutto under the name prosciutto crudo, which means raw ham.

Beef Pastrami

Beef pastrami is a delicious choice for sandwiches and warps. It’s made by coating corned beef with pepper and spices, then adding extra flavor by smoking it.

Pastrami is a favorite at Jewish delis because the word comes from the Yiddish language. The meat was brought to the US in the late 1800s when Jews immigrated from Eastern Europe.

This meet is especially popular in New York – make sure to get a pastrami sandwich on rye bread when you visit!

Turkey Breast

Turkey breast is a great choice if you’re looking to avoid fat. Turkey breast is 100% turkey breast meat and is available sliced or shaved at most deli counters. It’s great for sandwiches and wraps or sliced in salads and on pizzas.

Turkey breast is usually the best lunch meat choice for a kid or someone who’s not as familiar with deli meats. Its mild flavor makes it easier on the tastebuds and won’t overpower a dish.

Roast Beef

Roast beef will bring your meal a taste of nostalgia. It’s made by roasting a cut of beef, usually silverside. Roast beef is sliced into a very thin piece after it’s roasted in the oven. Most often, you’ll see roast beef in a sandwich.

Enjoying the Types of Deli Meat

Whether you prefer the milder flavors of chicken or turkey or you enjoy the strong taste of chorizo, knowing the different types of deli meat will give you even more chances to try different types of delicious cuisine.

To learn more about delicious foods that will elevate your lifestyle, visit the rest of our blog.

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