What Is Distilled Water and Why Would You Drink It?

Have you been wondering, “What is distilled water?” If so, you’ve come to the right place. Distilled water offers certain advantages over plain tap water, and it could be to your benefit to start drinking it.

Keep reading to learn more about distilled water — and why you should drink it.

How Distilled Water Differs from Tap Water

While tap water is the go-to water for many people, distilled water offers a purer solution. Tap water quality will vary by area. You may have a lot of contaminants in your local tap water from chemicals or minerals that are found in your region, though there are regulations to control this.

Distilled water, by contrast, doesn’t have any minerals or other contaminants. When drinking distilled water, you’ll notice that it’s similar to purified water and doesn’t have much flavor. 

Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water

The benefits of drinking distilled water are numerous. Since distilled water is water at its cleanest — just oxygen and hydrogen — it’s not going to add any bad chemicals to your bloodstream. The distilling process strips minerals, salt, and chemicals from the water.

While some people find the taste bland due to the absence of minerals, others point to this as a benefit. The clean, neutral flavor is reassuring!

How to Make Distilled Water

You might think of distilled water as the water you pour into your iron before getting to work, but it’s actually something you can make at home and drink, too. Wondering how to make distilled water? To make distilled water at home, the process is easy.

Heat up a pot of water, and once it boils, wait for the vapor to return to the form of water. Minerals and contaminants will be gone once this happens.

It is possible to get larger quantities of distilled water at home, too! Home water distillers, such as those found in this collection, allow you to filter up to 25 gallons per day.

With a home system, you won’t need to head to the store to buy individual gallons. In the long run, this saves you time and money. 

What Is Distilled Water? A Good Alternative

Ultimately, distilled water is a safe form of drinking water. The absence of chemicals, like those found in pesticides, and bacteria means good things for your health. You can feel comfortable putting distilled water in your body and knowing it will be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Distilled water generally is good to have on hand. You can also use distilled water to feed your plants, feed your fish, or get your humidifier working without fear of chemical contaminants.

Add Distilled Water to Your Regime

Are you still wondering, “What is distilled water?” You can think of it as a clean alternative to tap water. You’ll feel good knowing that you’re not putting any impurities into your body, and you’ll appreciate the neutral taste in your mouth.

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