5 Interactive Object Lessons for Teaching Kids About Prayer

Use these super fun object lessons to help kids learn that God hears their prayers! Perfect for Sunday school, Bible studies, or homeschooling.

Have the kids put rocks, pebbles, and sand into a jar. Then, introduce a ping-pong ball that can’t stay airborne no matter how hard it tries.

The Lord’s Prayer in a Bag

The Lord’s Prayer is one of the most important prayers in our faith. Matthew emphasized it in his Sermon on the Mount, and Christians continue to honor its words, patterns, and themes in their daily lives.

This interactive free object lessons for children’s church allows kids to experience the Lord’s Prayer in a way that focuses on individual words and phrases. This activity can be done in just a few minutes and will grab children’s attention.

Use this lesson alongside The Lord’s Prayer Curriculum Posters to encourage a deeper study of this important prayer. These posters feature beautifully-illustrated versions of the Lord’s Prayer with prompting questions. These posters are sold separately or together as a complete set.

The Prayer Punch Cup Game

Kids love this game that teaches them the importance of praying for others. Have them write the names of people they want to pray for on index cards and place them in a punch cup. Have the first player come up and punch through one of the cups. They can then grab any prizes they find inside and show them off to the group.

When they’re done playing, have them replace the points/questions / or treats in each cup and cover them with tissue paper. This will make it easier to play again in the future.

Have kids use this activity to learn about four different kinds of prayer — praise, thanksgiving, requests for other people, and questions about God. They can also make a chain of hearts for their prayer journal. When their prayers are answered, they can remove a seat from the Prayer Requests chain and add it to the Prayers Answered chain. This way, they can see that their prayers are being answered! You can find this activity and a template for making the chain in The Resource Room.

The Fire Prayer

When we pray for God’s fiery presence, we call down His power and ask for the fire to consume whatever prevents us from moving forward. The dynamic nature of this prayer also reminds us that there is nothing too difficult for God. He can move mountains and turn water into wine.

This powerful prayer can be done as an altar call or anytime throughout the day. This is especially effective when you struggle with something or feel your inner strength is dwindling. The best way to pray this prayer is with a red candle, as it is connected to the fire element and can help charge your prayer.

Do you long for a fresh encounter with the blazing presence of God? If so, you will find that “Prayer on Fire” ignites your prayer life with a passion that burns in heaven and transforms your soul. This book arms you with the weapons to release the unquenchable fire of God against the spirit of wickedness militating against your soul and blocking your progress.

The Question Game

The Question Game is a fun guessing game that doesn’t require any materials and can be played anywhere. It’s also a great way to practice asking yes/no questions and getting answers.

One person thinks of a thing and then tells the other players what category it belongs to (such as animals, famous people, or classroom objects). The other person can then ask up to 20 yes/no questions to figure out what it is. The only rule is that the questions must be questions, not statements. If the other person guesses correctly, they earn a point. If they don’t guess correctly, they lose a point for each additional question they ask.

To make this game even more challenging, you can play a variant called Friendly Feud. In this game, players write the names of famous people on pieces of paper or Post-It notes and stick them to their foreheads. The other players must then ask yes/no questions to identify the names. You can play this game with students or friends. The best part is that it’s easy to make up and requires no equipment!

The Blessings Game

This game helps kids learn to count their blessings, no matter what life throws at them. Each player starts by placing five blessing cards face down on the table. The youngest person then turns over one of their number tokens and becomes “it.” They read the corresponding card, offer a silver lining response, and, if applicable, vote on which blessing cards they like most to least. The blessings they enjoy most go by the #1 token pile, and those they want less go by the lowest token pile.

The game continues, with the person to the left of “it” becoming “it” when it’s their turn. When a player lands on an Interview square, they gain a blessing card. The player with the most blessing cards wins. Use this game with Brachot Challenge Workbook for a comprehensive learning experience. This unique 4-in-1 game teaches the correct food blessings and fun to play with the cards (memory, battle, slap, and fish). Great for families, congregations, and schools!

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