8 Fun and Memorable Outdoor Party Ideas for Kids

Organizing a party over the last year or so has been harder than ever. Yet it has meant that outdoor parties have experienced a surge in popularity.

You can still let your kids live a normal life even in all this madness. With the right outdoor party, your kids can have fun while maintaining safe social distancing. 

Not sure how? Here are eight fun and memorable outdoor party ideas for kids.

1. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are the perfect recipe for a backyard party. They’re simple for adults to plan, thrilling for the kids, and you can grow or shrink the hunt to fit the space available.

If you do a treasure hunt, consider going big with the theme. A sure-fire way to make a treasure hunt memorable is to go all-in on the pirate vibes. Draw up treasure maps and tell the kids to dress up for the occasion.

Treasure hunts work especially well if you have a lot of space. Then you can whip up interesting geography and make the treasure hunt as long and winding as you like to keep the kids occupied for hours.

2. Painting

Painting is a fun, enriching, and creative activity. It’s also a super messy one, which is why, despite its benefits, many adults cringe at the idea of letting the kids go Van Gogh.

That’s why an outdoor painting party is so perfect. With giant canvasses and outdoor surfaces for the floor, kids can go wild without making the adults wince at every wayward splatter.

Whether you work to a theme or let kids have free reign, painting can be fun and fulfilling. To keep kids focused, consider setting challenges, setting up some still life subjects, or even have the kids model for each other in dress-up outfits.

Done right, painting can become an all-day task. And to top it off, the kids might come out of it with some real art—maybe even discovering a passion along the way! 

3. Outdoor Cinema

If you’ve ever been to a drive-in movie or outdoor cinema, you know there’s something special about the experience. It’s just the right flavor of different to create a memorable adventure.

So what if we told you that it’s surprisingly easy to set up a cinema in your own backyard? Inflatable movie screen rental is an easy way to recreate the outdoor cinema experience for kids.

And the options are endless—kids can float in the pool, sit on folding chairs, camp out, and so on. Don’t forget that everything seems bigger and better when you’re a kid, so this is an experience that can blow some tiny minds!

4. Water Fights

A party? This means war!

Water pistol or water balloon fights are the perfect way to let kids blow off some steam, especially if they’ve been cooped up as a result of COVID-19. Water fights are good, clean (literally!) fun and something that most kids will enjoy.

The best part about having a water pistol battle is that there’s not much clean-up involved. No digging NERF darts out of hedges—all you need are some towels on standby.

The downside of a water pistol battle is that you might need the right weather for it. It’s not the best idea for the middle of winter, so plan accordingly, especially if you live in an area with unpredictable weather patterns.

That said, kids will tolerate mild adverse conditions better than grumbling adults, so don’t let a little rain stop the fun. It might even make a memorable and epic backdrop for the battle. 

5. Ring Toss

Ring toss is one of the all-time classic outdoor party games. Setting up a ring toss can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, so this one’s a great easy outdoor idea.

It probably won’t keep the kids occupied all day, so consider pairing it up with some of the other activities on this list. Ring toss goes great with a water fight or some mini-golf, for example.

6. Bubbles

Let’s face it: kids love bubbles. Better still, a bubble party is cheap and easy to set up, which isn’t always the case when trying to arrange a larger outdoor activity.

You can get a bubble party going with a few bubble wands and some home-made bubble mixture (dish soap and water). This idea works great no matter your financial circumstances.

7. Camping

If there’s a little bit of childhood magic we definitely lose as we get older, it’s the idea that even the backyard can be an exotic and exciting place.

You won’t find many adults excited by the idea of camping in the backyard. But to kids, it’s a magical adventure. Go one further and turn it into a camping party, and your kids will remember it forever.

8. Mini-Golf

Mini-golf is proof that you don’t have to be closing high-level business deals on the green to make golf fun. Something about knocking balls around ridiculous obstacle courses is fun no matter your age. And to kids, it’s some of the best fun you can have in your own backyard.

You can hire out mini-golf accessories for the day to turn your backyard into a fun golf course and let the kids go wild on it. You could even set up your own courses if you’re feeling crafty or have some of the things you’ll need.

This is one activity even adults can get involved with. Mini-golf is a surprisingly entertaining activity for people of all ages.

This also makes it easy for adults to supervise the goings-on. It’s always a good idea to have an adult nearby when kids are armed with sticks, after all!

The Perfect Outdoor Party Ideas for Kids

These perfect outdoor party ideas for kids check all the boxes. They’re fun, memorable, and can even adapt to the need for social distancing.

They’re the perfect solution for a 2021 party and proof that life doesn’t have to stop despite the challenges of the last year. Children deserve to experience childhood adventures no matter what’s going on in the adult world.

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