Tatiana Regan On Making Money Online

For Tatiana Regan a career spent trying to get out of the rat race was not something that she desired and as soon as we left college she began looking for ways in which she could make money online. Here we are 6 years on and she is making a killing with her online business and lives a very free and flexible lifestyle. Tatiana Regan struggled for many years to get where she is but she always knew that making money online was what she wanted to do, and she finally achieved it. If you want to follow in the footsteps of someone like Tatiana, here are some of the ways that she found to make a buck online.

Online Surveys

When businesses and governments compile data about their demographics they will use a wide variety of information and one of the sources that they will use are the results of an online survey. These surveys are carried out by 3rd party websites and for each on that you fill out you will make a little bit of cash. Sometimes this may be just a few dollars for 15 minutes of your time but there is no limit as to how many of these online surveys you can fill out. In the early days Tatiana Regan relied heavily on the money which she made from onion surveys.


The real springboard for Tatiana was when she began to get writing gigs through online freelance websites. During those days Tatiana would write about anything and everything in order to make money and most of the work that she had during this time was for online magazines. There is so much writing work out there for webmasters, book writers and press releases and if you know where to look then you can make a great deal of money from this endeavor. Tatiana was able to use this to find more permanent clients who would give her lots of work each month. Once Tatiana started to write the money was coming in more frequently and this enabled her to live a much more comfortable lifestyle, and save up for her business idea.

Drop Shipping

Once Tatiana had saved up enough money she launched her drop shipping business, a remarkable and novel idea for business which has so far worked out very well for her indeed. The idea of drop shipping is that a customer orders on your website and then the order is fulfilled by a third party. For example Tatiana has an online store which sells gadgets, people order and then the company from whom she buys her gadgets actually fulfill the order. Tatiana charges more for the products than she pays and that is where she makes the  money. Better still, all complaints and issues are handled by the third party which means that Tatiana has little input into that side of the business.

If you want to make money online, there are lots of ways to do so.

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