Why More Parents are Investing in Baby Swimming Lessons in Orange County

Whether you just had your first child or it is your fourth, signing up for baby swimming lessons in Orange County is a wise investment. There are a few swimming schools throughout the Orange County area that specialize in swim lessons for young children and infants.

Maybe you think that there is no need for a 1-year old to spend time in the water just yet but that is where you are wrong. There are so many reasons to sign up for lessons at your nearest swim school – here are just a few of those reasons.

It is a great bonding experience between parent and child

Every baby swimming lesson will require at least 1 parent to be in the water. The classes offers spots for newborns starting at 12 weeks to infants reaching 6 months old. There are also classes offer for toddlers but in your baby swim class it will just be children ranging from 3 to 6 months.

Since you have to be in the water with your child this serves as one of the best bonding experiences. There will also be at least one highly-trained instructor with you to monitor activities but you’ll get some intimate time with your little one. Bonding in the fun pool environment is so much more fulfilling than hanging out with your baby on land.

It teaches vital motor skills from a young age

Learning how to swim or at least just getting comfortable in the water has been proven to improve motor skills at a young age. Studies have shown that swimming allows the body to use oxygen as efficiently as possible and it improves balance, coordination, concentration, and posture. Obviously your baby won’t be Michael Phelps right from the get go but at least you will be setting the foundation by introducing him/her to the water.

Swimming is a vital skill, especially in California

Not everyone learns how to swim but it is something that should be taught to every individual. This is especially true in California with so much water surrounding the stop. When you’re a strong swimmer you can confidently go surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, SCUBA diving, and actually get the chance to enjoy your home state.

It will be a workout for you as well Mom and Dad!

Since baby swim lessons require you as a parent to be in the water as well you should treat this as a workout. Of course that is not the main focus of your baby swim lesson but who says you can’t get your blood pumping and your heart racing? Maybe you can skip out on that yoga class later in the week by signing up for a swim lesson instead.

Baby swim lessons are a great way to meet fellow parents in your area

Not only can you treat the time in the pool as a form of fitness you can also get some quality social time out of it. It gives you the chance to meet other parents in your area and you can even set up playdates for your little ones.

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