Everything You Need For the Perfect Home Office

COVID-19 has transformed the way that we work. Long gone are the days of the communal workplace and early morning commutes.

The home office is becoming the preferred workspace for professionals. 

Whether you’re working remotely or you want a comfortable space to focus while you work your side hustle, finding the perfect room setup is important for productivity. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your work from home office, keep reading and get some must-haves for your space to maximize your productivity. 

A Desk

Though it may seem obvious, investing in a desk for your office will change the way you work. As the main piece of furniture for your workspace, your desk will be the dedicated space to complete all of your work.

Finding one that suits your specific needs and tastes is key to staying productive.

Have a solely computer-based job? A minimalist desk may be your best bet. But, if you have a lot of files and papers, choosing a desk with plenty of storage can help keep you organized. 

A Desk Chair

The second most important thing to consider when buying furniture for your office is the desk chair you purchase.

You’ll want to invest in something that is both supportive and comfortable, as you’ll likely be spending most of the time spent in your office sitting at your desk. 

Like the desk you buy, there are different types of chairs to support your needs. From ergonomic and posture-conscious designs to extra-comfortable reclining chairs, there are plenty of options to choose from.

A Lamp

Whether it’s a late-night catching up on work or if you’re a night owl, having a light source available is key. Having good lighting may be more important than you think—good lighting can prevent injuries!

Luckily, lamps are extremely versatile. You can pick a lamp for function, while also having it suit the aesthetic of your office. 

Like desks and chairs, there is a great variety of lamps to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking to furnish your office with an adjustable lamp or one that allows you to control brightness, there is a vast array to choose from. 

Desk Accessories 

Arguably the most fun part of shopping for home furniture—purchasing desk accessories can be both functional and aesthetic.

Don’t get carried away, though. The objects you keep on your desk should serve a purpose to avoid distracting you while you work. 

Some pieces to consider are an erasable desk calendar, a desk organizer to help keep your notepads and pens in order, or a specific file holder to avoid misplacing important documents. 

Ready to Find Your Perfect Room Setup?

While planning your room setup is for work, there’s no reason it can’t be fun. After all, your home office is a room in your house—make it as personalized as you want!

When considering your room design, it’s important to remember two things – functionality and aesthetics. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your office, so it should be a space that you feel productive and comfortable. 

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