The 5 Most Popular Online Gambling Games

Virtual casinos and online gambling have gotten much more recognition with the pandemic but were already gaining traction before. Online casinos are simply the online versions of the brick-and-mortar casinos strewn across the world. 

Keep in mind that online casinos are still a relatively new concept, so you should stay aware and be selective as to which site you’ll be placing your bets and depositing your money. 

Let’s take a look at the five most popular online gambling games available right now. 


Playing slots online is a lot of fun and can be very rewarding. From the different themes and being one of the many games with jackpots, online slots draw in many players, and rightfully so. 

But there’s more to choosing where to play, including how much the payout is, bonuses, and if the site itself is trustworthy. 


One concern that many players have with online gambling is if table games, or even any games really, are rigged or not. Roulette, in particular, draws many suspicions when first mentioned in an online gambling conversation. 

The fact is, online roulette uses and a random number generator making it more random than when played on a traditional wheel as it is near impossible to create a defect-free wheel. Furthermore, with online roulette, taking out the human factor of having a dealer launch the ball also takes out potential patterns and increases the game’s randomness. 

There are a few options when choosing a roulette game to play. A staggering majority of people prefer European roulette over American simply because the odds of winning are higher in European roulette. 


The third most popular game on our list is blackjack. Again, there are numerous variants online to keep you busy on this one game alone. 

Video Poker

Another popular virtual gambling game is video poker. It has a higher likelihood of higher returns than most slot machines if the video poker machine is chosen carefully. 

It’s a game that requires strong decision-making skills when compared to playing slots. 


The last most popular online gambling game on our list is craps. It’s one of the most popular games globally, both on and offline, due to being extremely beginner-friendly. 

Craps is extremely popular because it’s a game based on pure chance. It’s great because the house advantage is low, and with, arguable, a little bit of beginner’s luck, they can win. 

We say arguably because some players believe that craps are either all luck or all skill. The players in the skill camp believe that with practice, the dice can be rolled in a specific way to reach the number desired. 

We wouldn’t say that this isn’t true, but there has not been any evidence of it being possible, and with online gambling, it’s a moot point regardless.

Online Gambling

COVID-19 closed a lot of casinos down during the pandemic and turned many customers towards online gambling. 

Whether you’re looking to get in some slots or trying to win a few hands playing blackjack, don’t forget always to be aware of the site that you’re gambling on, and remember — have fun!

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