Tim Pool Net Worth

Tim Pool is a successful journalist, former VICE media host, and YouTuber, who is also known for wearing a beanie everywhere. His most prominent appearance was when he was participating in the Occupy Wall Street protests back in 2011.

His YouTube channel “Tim Pool” has more than 1,25 million subscribers and his most popular video is titles “Inside A ‘No Go Zone’ in Malmo, Sweden”, which has more than 2,8 million views. Tim Pool has done many controversial things and has been very critical to politicians.

Let’s learn more about Tim Pool, from his net worth, personal life, and career.

What you need to know about Tim Pool’s net worth

According to the latest report, Tim Pool has a net worth of around $1 million. It is very impressive considering Tim Pool is very modest about his achievements so far. Many journalists have gone ahead and said that Tim Pool is who they’re aspiring to be.

This estimation is based on his earnings from his YouTube channel and work as a journalist.

Early life

Tim Pool AKA Timothy Daniel Pool was born on March 9, 1989, in Chicago, Illinois. He was a quiet kid, but he didn’t manage to graduate high school as he dropped out at the age of 14. Other than that, Pool’s early life is pretty much unknown.

The public only know about his career such as his journalistic career and popular YouTube channel. Tim Pool also launched tagg.ly an app that creates watermarks for pictures back in 2014.

His beanie

People are also curious about his beanie, which he wears all the time. But it was not until 2017 when people started noticing his beanie. It was when Pool was attending a protest in 2017 when Mathew Colligan took his beanie away. Pool described that event on Twitter and somehow beanie has become a part of Tim Pool’s style.

Becoming famous

Tim Pool is a very political person. He gained fame mostly after he live-streamed the Occupy Wall Street protests in NYC. The live stream got an average of 250k viewers and brought Tim Pool on the TIME’s list of influential people in 2011.

The live stream eventually became a key evidence in the case of Alexander Arbuckle, a photographer who was arrested by the police. The following year, Tim Pool filmed more protests. He covered NoNato protests in Chicago, which almost got him in trouble with the law. In 2013, Pool joined VICE Media and covered more protests in Ukraine and Istanbul.

In 2017, Tim Pool visited Sweden and investigated the migrant suburbs or usually known as the no-go zones there. With the crowdfunding effort that he did to gather enough funds and the help from Paul Joseph Watson, his trip to Sweden was a success.

Since then, his YouTube really took off and gained a lot more subscribers. Tim Pool has been featured in many mainstream media outlets such as The Guardian, New York Times, Reuters, and Al Jazeera English.

Tim Pool didn’t stop there. He used his experience and skills to co-find Subverse, a news company that raised more than $1 million in less than a day through online crowdfunding in 2019. He is working together with Emily Molli and Rocco Castoro, a former Vice editor-in-chief.

Tim Pool was invited to Joe Rogan’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience”. Both of them were talking about Twitter, censorship, and abuse. They were mostly criticizing Twitter for banning right-wing political figures and censoring them as well. Tim Pool also said some controversial things by mentioning Alex Jones and transgender people.

Tim Pool’s name was once again on the spotlight on Twitter when Donald Trump liked Pool’s tweet expressing support and sympathy for Kyle Rittenhoue, a boy from Illinois, who had shot three protesters during a chaos in Wisconsin.

Follow the latest update from Tim Pool on YouTube

If you want to know more about Tim Pool and what he is doing nowadays, make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel “Tim Pool” is his main platform where he can voice out his opinion and do his job covering recent events.

With more than 1.24 million subscribers, Tim Pool’s YouTube channel is pretty big and popular. He releases videos regularly with up to 5 videos a week. That’s an impressing number of videos, considering how busy he is.  

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